Creativity, Programming Skills and Critical Reasoning for a life full of opportunities.  Our camps teach kids and teens how to create their own computer programs in a friendly, encouraging, fun-filled environment.

Have a blast while learning essential skills for a high-tech world

At we know how crucial computer skills are. We also know how important it is to learn in an inspiring and challenging environment.

Our camps and classes are designed to:

  • Expose children to Technology: Kids learn about technology early on.
  • Encourage Kids: Teachers and classmates support each other.
  • Enable Kids: The material and curricula facilitate self-paced learning.
  • Foster collaboration: Working in teams, students cooperate and build on each other’s knowledge.
  • Spark creativity: Bringing together knowledge to develop new ideas.
  • Expose children to increased complexity: Students face meaningful and challenging tasks, which gradually increase in difficulty.
  • Computers, so much more…

    Computing allows children to develop a range of skills, all the way from creativity to critical thinking skills. It provides them an environment to experiment, lead, cooperate, create, grow, develop confidence and have fun. It allows them to have a deeper understanding of how the modern world works and how to mold, influence and change it.

    “Computer science is a liberal art, it’s something that everyone should be exposed to, everybody should have a mastery of to some extent.”

    – Steve Jobs

    Opening Opportunities

    It goes without saying that computer science opens up great opportunities, from a hot labor market to amazing entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that one in every two STEM jobs in the US will be in computer related fields, with over 150,000 job openings every year - making it one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States.
  • Computer related jobs pay an average 75% more than the median annual salary in the US.
  • The largest, most successful entrepreneurial ventures have been computer science related, from Google to Facebook, from Amazon to Ebay. These are all heavily technology-oriented businesses.